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"Active baby swimming"

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"Active baby swimming."


Aqua Feelings has in the last 10 years taught over 6,000 babies.It has given us a knowledge that we are happy to share with you. The basis of our unique concept is that it is not always the baby's premises.

We know that babies can do much more than their parents think.

We know that the first 2 years in baby's life are important for baby┬┤s development in the future.


The baby will have many wonderful experiences for baby swimming, which will stimulate and awaken baby's interest in learning.


So your task is that all babies in baby swimming never are over-or under-stimulated.


You must create space for intimacy, love and development.

When a mother for the first time attend the baby swimming and lowers herself and her baby down in the soft water, creates an immediate feeling of wellbeing and comfort..


The turbulence created in the water feels nice and comfortable. The baby is experiencing a soft massage that works both soothing and stimulating.


Water features are unique, and it is a gift to be allowed to remain comfortable in. It's a question of utilizing the item to its fullest - and look forward to a wealth of exciting



Every baby has its own personality, just as every family is different. Therefore, it is a big challenge for you to be baby instructor.

Instructor course in baby swimming directly on the Internet

Parents must teach their baby to know.


Just as parents must teach their baby to know, then you should also teach the family to know. You must find out

what you can do to promote the desire, joy and stimulate them to do their best.


A result is that every time like to end with the parents and babies always feel safe and come home with many new

positive experiences.


Baby swimming can give babies lots of good sensations.


A hot tub is the right item for babies to thrive in. They love to move in the soft component, where from the outset can

feel the weightlessness and the freedom of movement, the water gives them.


Water has some unique properties, which in one way or another affects our minds in a positive direction. This also applies to adults.


We will recommend to create mixed teams.


When you assemble your team, you can choose to divide the teams by age. It can also be excellent, but we will

recommend to create mixed teams.


It has the advantage that your job is easier for teams to fill up, so you ensure you profitable teams.


Another reason we recommend mix team is that we find that mothers with small babies are stimulated by mothers

with older babies. Mothers with small babies learn simply by mothers with older babies.


They can see what they later have to achieve and would expect - it's a clear benefit to you as an instructor when you need to motivate parents and their babies.


No other activity can in half an hour giving babies as many senses as baby swimming can.


To enhance the experience in the pool and to create security, we use music for teaching.


When using music in your teaching, so it does not take very long before you have created a great atmosphere in the

pool. The music also affects the rhythm-related senses, which stimulates both babies and mothers to make it all a



The music helps to create the pace that you want. By using through-the same music every time, so you get to create a

sense of security among the babies and mothers. You know what will happen.


The music helps to create a more effective and targeted education.


We recommend running a team with 10 babies. It is a fine number that we have the best experience. Naturally, the

number adjusted to the pond conditions you have available.


With 10 babies, you achieve a good flow - where it is possible to create a high intensity.


30 exciting video clips.


E-learning course in active baby swimming include the entire 30 video clips.


Get lots of information about it to be baby instructor, and ideas for your teaching.


Save lots of money

Save lots of money on training of instructors.


The course can be used by all instructors in company/Club.


- it can not be easier and cheaper ...


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